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Consumer Electronics
Sirius Satellite Radio
Residential DSS (Digital Satellite Systems) Dish Network
C-Band and KU-Band Satellite system installation and repair
Audio/Video systems, supplies and installation
Batteries of all types
Computers, computer consulting and repair
Cat 5 network hardware and wireless router hardware
Internet setups
Cameras and Camcorders 
TV's and VCR's 
Off-air Antenna's and supplies
Auto sound and supplies and installation
Home Theater sales and installation
AC / DC Adapters, converters and inverters
Telephones, corded, cordless and cellular
Much, Much more....

What is it? How can it help me? How do I hook it up? What do I need to hook it up?
Let us help you choose the proper product that will meet your needs. We know our products and how they work!

Satellite TV
We are your local authorized dealer/installer for Dishnetwork. We stock many satellite products from cables and connectors to replacement "dish" antenna parts and LNB's. Our technicians carry the proper tools, the proper parts and the proper attitude and ethics to "do the right job right, the first time!!" We have been "doing Dishes" since 1982. 
Sirius Satellite Radio
The next step in audio is a step back in time! FM Radio is back! It's called Sirius Radio with over 100 channels of music, news, sports and talk shows. You can listen to your favorite channel coast-to-coast, border-to-border and beyond. Hardware to cover all your needs in stock. Auto and home systems are available. 
A complete line of the newest offerings in HDTV compatible TV's
IBM compatibles by HP, from desktop PC's to laptops, palmtops to cables, connectors, paper, removable media, rewriteable media, scanners and mice. Computer consulting, Internet setups and we even do Windows!
Home stereos to CD, speakers, cables, connectors, adapters and the knowledge on how to hook it up! 
Auto sound
AM/FM cassette to AM/FM CD, speakers, amps, accessories and installation kits / adapters. Professional autosound installation available.
Camcorders and VCR's
8 MM, VHS-C, to regular VHS. Recorders, players, camcorders and tapes in stock. Many popular accessories and cables and the information on how to hook it all up!.
Home Theater
Complete systems to speaker solutions. Certified Home Theater installers available to plan and install your dream system.
We stock many popular batteries from tiny watch and hearing aid batteries, lithium , lead acid, rechargeable Ni-Cad and Nickel Metal Hydride to many of the popular large camcorder batteries. From photo to security we have them all. Our Alkaline Enercell AAA's, AA's, C's, D's and 9 volt's are always fresh and in stock.
Cellular Telephone
We are the local dealer for Altell. We stock All the best brands and stock phones, batteries, car-chargers and many other accessories for many manufacturers. We have many plans available to meet any needs. Smart Phones to Internet access for your laptop.

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9:00am - 5:30 pm Mon - Sat

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