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Ocean Quest Inc.

A little known portion of our business is our "White Glove" Notary Services. You can call us travelling notaries that will go anywhere, any time; Call us and we will be there! We have 3, yes that's Three! Montana notaries available. We're available and we are reliable!

Starlite Fencing
We can fill your fencing needs. Chainlink, Wood, Vinyl, Residential, Commercial, New Construction, and Repair. We can do those small jobs with our Auger, Backhoe, Dirt Bucket, 80" Snow Bucket, 80" Snow Plow. Our powerful turbocharged Bobcat can get into those tight places the bigger machines can't get into. Our machine may be small but it can Dig! 

Starlite RadioShack
Starlite RadioShack is your one-stop shopping center for consumer electronics. From watch batteries to telephones of all types, from t.v.'s to off-air antenna's and satellite systems, computers to computer consulting. Satellite sales service and installation of residential and commercial systems since 1981 ...

Starlite Storage
Secure storage is the only product we have to offer. Storage of any type and size is no problem. 24 hr. client access ...

Starlite Bail Bonds
24 hr. Bail Bond Service. Skip Tracing, Bounty Hunter and Fugitive Recovery Services ...

Best Of Everything
FFL licencee. We can receive gun shipments for your online or out of state purchases.

Contact Information

406-293-9451 Radio Shack (9-5:30 Mon - Sat)
406-293-9451 Storage (9-5:30 Mon - Sat)
406-293-9451 Fencing (9-5:30 Mon - Sat)
406-293-7330 Bail Bonds Services (24 Hours)
Postal address
30583 US Hwy 2, Libby, MT 59923
Electronic mail
General Information: oceanquest@digicus.com
Webmaster: digicus@digicus.com

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