The American Bald Eagle - Symbol of our nation and our people
Our national symbol embodies the heroes of Flight 93 as well as our nation as a whole.

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Eagle photos courtesy of S Gunderson and T Berget


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Specs & History
of the Libby Eagle Project

Eagle from it's preys point of view
Memorials should NOT be silent.
This sculpture speaks volumes about the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and our nation in it's fight in the first battle against terrorism. Our heroes of Flight 93 demonstrated that Citizen Soldiers are willing and able to take on the fight for freedom! This battle was the first of many battles and was the first battle fought on American soil.

Libby Eagle

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Our heroes of Flight 93

You can help make sure our heroes are remembered by petitioning for a National Monument to be erected in memory of the heroic actions taken by the crew and passengers of Flight 93. Please join the thousands of other people that feel we need to memorialize and remember these brave and courageous people.



The county commissioners of Shanksville, PA near the site of the crash of Flight 93 have a on-line memorial website at:

Citizen Soldiers of America
"Are you ready? Let's Roll!"
- Todd Beamer 9-11-01
The Todd M. Beamer Foundation

Vigilant Eagle
Our continued vigilance will never allow what happened on September 11th to happen again! We will fight back!

Welding and Assembly   Montana Made and BIG!

The size of this sculpture cannot be appreciated without having some scale of perspective to work with.

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